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Dragon’s Dogma II PlayStation 5 PS5

Dragon’s Dogma II PlayStation 5 PS5

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 boasts a richly detailed and deeply explorable fantasy world created using immersive physics, character AI and the latest in graphics from Capcom’s RE ENGINE. This single player narrative driven action-RPG challenges players to use their creativity and curiosity to shape their own experience. Whether it is your Arisen’s vocation, the Pawns selected for your party, or your approach to multi-faceted gameplay situations, the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 revolves around choice. Both your party of Pawns and enemies alike will react dynamically to your actions on the battlefield, whether you cling to the backs of monsters or seek to dispatch them from afar. Your vocation allows you to choose your playstyle, and whether you will use swords, bows, or potent magick to bring your foes to heel.

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