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Contra Operation Galuga PS5

Contra Operation Galuga PS5

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A new entry in the legendary Contra series is here! Contra: Operation Galuga is a thorough reimagining of the classic run-'n'-gun action game from the '80s, featuring modern graphics and sound, new stages, new enemies and bosses, new play mechanics, an updated weapons system, and explosive co-op combat for up to two players in Story Mode or four players in Arcade Mode!

When the Red Falcon terrorist group takes over the Galuga Islands off the coast of New Zealand, elite Contra commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean springs into action, initiating an all-out war in which the fate of mankind hangs in the balance!

Run, jump, and shoot your way through eight levels using a devastating arsenal - including the spread shot, laser, and homing missiles - now with stackable upgrades and awesome Overload abilities! The intense action is customizable with three difficulty settings plus a variety of additional challenge options. The true Contra legacy begins now!

CLASSIC RUN 'N' GUN GAMEPLAY: Run, jump, and shoot your way through eight action-packed stages! Infiltrate the jungle, ascend the waterfall, speed through an enemy base on a hovercycle, and more!

4-PLAYER CO-OP ACTION: Enlist with friends for local co-op combat! Up to two players can team up in Story Mode, and up to four players can join forces in Arcade Mode.

EXPLOSIVE ARSENAL: Attack aggressively with weapons like the spread shot, laser, and homing missiles – now with stackable upgrades!

AWESOME OVERLOADS: Wreak even more havoc with the Overload system! Unleash weapon-specific powers, including a barrier, a missile barrage, a flame shield, and more!

EPIC BOSS BATTLES: Face off against massive, screen-filling bosses! It´ll take all your skills to defeat these technological terrors and alien abominations.

HARDCORE CORPS: Choose from multiple characters with distinct abilities, from legendary soldiers Bill Rizer and Lance Bean to newcomers like guerrilla fighter Ariana – plus some surprises! Multiple difficulty options and a wealth of extra content!

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