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Meta Quest

Meta Quest Pro 256GB VR Headset

Meta Quest Pro 256GB VR Headset

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Shop online Meta Quest Pro 256GB VR Headset in Dubai, UAE at best price only from Gamez Geek.

Includes 3 cameras and a Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller, for 360-degree range of motion in your virtual space. TruTouch haptic feedback, and precision pinch create a more intuitive VR feel.
Real-time expression tracking allows your avatar to mimic your facial expression. Smiles, eye-brow raises, winks and all.
Full-color mixed reality, with resolution 4X higher compared to Quest 2, lets you work, create and collaborate in the virtual world while staying present in the physical world.
World class counter balanced ergonomics meets sleek design to create a more comfortable headset.
With great hardware - 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, spatial audio, 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon XR2+ processor that delivers 50% more power for better performance.
You'll immediately notice better visual clarity. We slimmed down the optical stack by over 40% compared to Quest 2 using our innovative patented pancake lens and optics technology, which works by folding light inside the optical module. Advanced VR LCD display technology that provides 37% greater pixels-per-inch. And 1.3x larger color gamut that provides more vibrant colors to deliver a more engaging VR experience.

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